The human brain as a collection of data (concept drawing)
The Brain Hack 
Cover illustration for the Forbes NEXT Magazine / CZ
I was commissioned to make a cover and inside illustration for the main topic of the magazine about the hacking of the human brain. Neuralink - a company founded by Elon Musk which works on brain enhancement tools, created a system of reading, downloading and manipulating the way human brain could work. Super thin threads would be implanted into the brain and could read the brain signals. 
key points
+ Human brain as a vessel for transporting data  
+ Modern human as a machine
+ Physical world vs digital / Humans could operate into the digital world without physical interaction
Sketches and concept illustrations. I used the neural code (system of deciphering the brain activities) was used as a pattern background in the initial illustration, which wasn't use at the end. It looked cool though...
cover illustration
The inside spread illustration
Printed cover