Poster / MOCA Skopje 
in 1970 three promising Polish architects won a competition for a design of the museum of contemporary art in my hometown. Years later the building became the symbol of the progressive thought, fresh ideas and most of all - a fantastic place on the hill overlooking the centre. 
While in Berlin, I was invited to make a poster for the museum and I was working on it based on recent photos, architectural plans and memories of course. 
How to illustrate or depict an object which has all the spatial complexity and history embedded into it? No idea really. I used to spend hours in rendering modelled objects to get the most realistic and idealised vision of the future life of a certain building but here it really looked like I should reverse the design process - a visual representation of an existing object. Other option would be to extract details or features from the architectural plans and play with them as  with a classic graphic design poster. That wasn't personal enough obviously.
While having this dilemma I accidentally crossed paths with the Ideal View of Fantastic City by FG Martini in a museum, and was blown away by the force that architectural visualisation has as an independent medium or even as an art piece detached from the architectural object that it represents. The longing for the ideal space becomes a utopian quest and a purpose for itself. 
This poster in two modes tries to be a mix of my personal memories and a celebration of the architecture of the 70s. It also tries to mimic the hand-drawn layouts that I used to stare at in my parents bedroom as a kid. 
RIP mum
miss you